Sunday, November 17, 2013

Annie Sloan update

So, it's been a while since I've posted.
I don't know how other people feel
about this time of year,
but I feel like I'm a wind up toy
at the end of the wind.
Still, with all that has been going on I've
 eeked out progress on some
painting projects with my new
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Remember this...

Hello again sad, lonely mismatched dining chair
I shared last month.
See, right before we moved to Germany
I thought I would refinish the dining chairs.
But it was hot.
Like sweat dripping in places it shouldn't be dripping kind of hot.
Not good.
I abandoned the project after about 2 minutes.
Fast forward about 6 months.
In Germany, ASCP in my possession,
mismatched chairs screaming for attention.
I couldn't ignore my neglected chairs any longer.
They were mocking me.
They were all,
" Hey you, when ya gonna quit watching this Dance Moms
marathon and paint us?"
Obviously, I had to just do it already.
Ever-so-slowly, I got the four chairs painted.
They still aren't "done".
I plan to distress them, and throw some furniture wax
on them, but since this is an update.....
not a reveal, it's all good.
Here are the chairs in all their Annie Sloan glory.

I really love the soft, slightly antique look of "Old White".
And **happy dance** I ordered some numbers from the House of Smiths shop
to put on the back of the chairs.
So, I'll be back with a complete reveal of the chairs
and my Thanksgiving table soon!