Wednesday, December 4, 2013

From, Jesus

Well, despite my best intentions, I didn't post about Thanksgiving.
And I won't be posting a bunch of pics of my Christmas decorations.
Things just aren't happening that way this year.
I thought they would, but they aren't.
Ya see, my hubs is deployed.
This isn't new.
We've spent 9 holiday seasons apart because of deployments.
The thing is, I've never felt so little holiday mojo before.
I LOVE Christmas!
I love the spirit of the season, and the gatherings, and the fellowship, and the food.
And I really love that I get to celebrate the birth of my Savior.
Usually the day after Thanksgiving, the kids and I bust out the Christmas bins and go to town.
This year, we busted out the bins and.....
they sat in the middle of the dining room floor for days.
I took things out, looked at them, and put them back.
I thought maybe it was the deployment, but now I'm not so sure.
Something feels different.
Not bad, just different.
There's a quietness.
At first it really bothered me.
I have four boys, I like noise.
And I'm used to 24/7 Christmas tunes, shopping for gifts,
the typical yuletide hustle and bustle.
This year I feel like presents are irrelevant.
We have enough....more than enough.
(I'm sure my boys will be appalled to read this, but it's true.)
God is at work on me.
He's always at work on me, cuz I'm stubborn.
In a world where parents are racing to fulfill every whim, every desire of their children,
I'm fighting not to fall back into that trap.
I don't want that for my boys.
I don't want to give them so much that none of it means anything at all.
I don't want to raise brats.
And I'm not saying that all children that get a lot are brats.
But let's be real, a lot of them are.
We were on our way to Bratville for quite a few years.
I'm not sure what changed us.
Wait, yeah I know exactly what changed us.
I'm not gonna get all holy roller here, but Jesus broke it down for us.
We were stressed out, going broke, burning up our credit cards (yeah plural).
And for what?
To celebrate Jesus' birthday?
Not so much.
Our hearts broke because we were struggling to say yes to everything.
But Jesus gave us the greatest gift.
Pretty sweet right?
The Prince of Peace....get it?
In 2011, we said goodbye to all of the worry, stress and guilt that we felt every. single. Christmas.
We asked for grace for ourselves and our kids as we made a HUGE change.
We decided we would each get 3 gifts.
Our homage to gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
We bought each boy 3 gifts, with cash.
We prepared ourselves for tears and disappointment come Christmas morning.
It makes me chuckle now because we were doing this to
focus on Christ, and yet we had so little faith.
Ya know what happened?
The boys loved their gifts, they were thankful.
He gave us peace.
And now, we're in a changing season and He's being as faithful as ever.
I'm still me so,
I still love a beautifully trimmed tree.
Ours is up and looking fine.
And even this year, when I feel so different,
there are a few of my old faves.
Sometimes less really is more.

Sometimes what we need can't be wrapped with a bow.

Sometimes we just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the quiet.
I've been asked so many times what I want this Christmas.
My list is short.
I want him.

But he won't be home for a bit.
So until he is, I'll enjoy the gift that Jesus gave me.


  1. Amazing. We do the same, people look at us like we are crazy for spending so little, but we have raised appreciative kids. They know the value of time and family. Nothing better. Xo

  2. This was a great post Amber. It has been so awesome to watch Jesus work in you and your family. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks Ryan! It's been amazing to be the recipient of God's grace and to grow as a family.