Thursday, October 31, 2013

Help for well used furniture...

Have you ever seen something that just made you oooh and aaah?
Something so amazing and awesome that you just got giddy at the thought of it?
Me too.
The first time I saw a post about
Annie Sloan Chalk paint it was over for me.
I was all,
"I HAVE to try that!!!"
That was two years ago, and I still haven't tried it.
I have excuses reasons.
We have four busy boys.
And we moved from SC to a tiny town in the Bavarian countryside.
And my husband deployed.
And I didn't know how to get it here.
And a lot of other excuses reasons.
But see I have this...

Hello hope chest.
I'm sorry about the horrible botched attempt at faux finishing.
And then there's this...

Hello abandoned dining chair.
I'm sorry you no longer match the rest of your brothers.
And then there's this...
Hello old, old, old, mistreated coffee table that I love.
I'm sorry you're so banged up.
The thing is we live in all of our spaces.
Me, hubby, our 4 boys, their friends, our friends...
all of us.
So our stuff is abused well used.
Now that we're settled in Germany, I can focus on
making our well used, or poorly faux finished stuff pretty again.
Perfect time for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, right?
And I love the fact that there's like no (or little) prep.
No sanding...dusty.
No priming...boring.
Just painting...fabulous!
Plus they have all these amazing colors,
and you can mix them!!!
Just look at this fabulosity...
After a little digging around I found a place in Bremen
called Vintage Sisters that are stockists.
Next thing ya know I placed an order.
I ordered Old White, Provence, and Antibes Green.
Once I get my ASCP, it is on like donkey kong!!
Can't wait to see what wonders this paint will work on
my poor, neglected pieces!!

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